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  • Windows 10
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Stay ahead of your information

Magic Notes, is a unique sticky notes replacement program with the bits that are missing from the included sticky note prgram for Windows. Now you can set alarms, format your notes the way you want them, send them to other people, and group them to make it more efficient and useful.

Simple to use application

A lot of thought has gone into the design of the very easy to use interface of Magic Notes. Creating a note is simply a matter of clicking on a task bar icon and from there all available commands are at your fingertip.

You can use it as a personal organizer, URL bookkeeper, address and password organizer, calender and lots of other useful ways.

Most common commands have keyboard shortcuts and there's even the option to define keyboard shortcuts that will work, regardless of which application you're using.

Repeating alarms

One of the most useful features of Magic Notes is the ability to create repeating alarms just like in a full blown Personal Information Manager or PIM.

The repeating alarms feature is an excellent way to keep track of repeating meetings or other daily task that happen again and again.

Alarms can also be "snoozed", just like a normal alarm clock, for when you're not ready to do something straight away.

Automatic saving

Magic Notes automatically saves your information whenever you change anything which means it's never lost like in other software. And because it's independent of other software the saving is so quick you don't even have to think about it which means you can trust that your information is safe once it has been entered.

Send notes over the internet

With V3.x you can now send your notes to either a co-worker or friend in your local office or over the internet to somebody in another part of the world. This gives you a quick way to leave a message to somebody without having to resort to email.

Full UNICODE support

V3.5 now is completely UNICODE compatible to better handle international text in your notes.

Attach notes to other applications

New for V3.5 is the ability to attach notes to other application windows like Microsoft Word or any application you choose. Once attached your note will move and hide/show with that window seamlessly making it idea to attach to say a Word document your working on and putting notes about the document, just like putting a sticky note on a printed document.

Magnetic docking to other notes

It's now even easier to dock notes together with the new magnetic docking feature of V3.5. You can even move multiple notes at the same time, just hold SHIFT and when dragging notes and any notes docked to this note will move with it as well.

Rich text formatting

V4.1 also finally includes rich text formatting so you can change fonts and change individual formatting of text in your note.