V3.5 finally released

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V3.5 finally released

Postby karle » Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:12 pm

Hi everyone,

V3.5 of Magic Notes has finally been released and with this new version you can enjoy a range of new cool features like attaching notes to 3rd party applications like Word or Firefox and have your notes automatically move and appear/disappear as you work that application.

It also has a totally new database which allows the program to store an unlimited amount of notes in a quick and safe way. There's also a new backup function which runs continously and backs up your note data every day going back a month to keep you data safe at all times.

We've also improved on the general user interface and you can now move groups that are close together by holding down SHIFT while you move notes around. Notes are also "magnitized" so if you move close to another note a magnet symbol shows up giving you an option where to dock the note in relation to the other note.

There's also a host of other small improvements including improved Vista and Windows 7 support and other small improvements like allowing alarms to be repeated on an hourly basis and a range of other little improvement.

Magic Notes is also now completely UNICODE based making it a lot better at working with non English based languages.

So please take it for a spin, your existing V3.4 code will work with this version as well even though this is a major update to the program so please enjoy if your an existing user. Your data will be automatically upgraded when you install it so no need to do anything special when you install this release.


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