Beta release of V4.0

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Beta release of V4.0

Postby karle » Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:24 am

Hi All,

I've just upload a beta release of V4.0 of Magic notes. This version includes a range of new features and I would greatly value your input on these new features and also existing issues you might run into.

The install can be downloaded from and it will make a copy of your existing notes so if you decide to go back to V3.5 your existing notes will be safe. Do note though that and changes or new notes you create will not be available to V3.5 because of that.

Same of the new features on V4.0 are;
  • New look notes with shadows.
  • New full text indexed search including a new Quick Search window which makes it easy to find notes and display them.
  • Now includes rich edit editing in notes.
  • New look menus with easier access to common items like changing color when right clicking inside the note.
  • New better defaults for note colors.
  • New improved color selection in Preferences.
  • Lots of bugs fixes and under the surfaces improvements.
  • Now includes Windows 7 Jump list support.
  • Automatic resizing of notes can now be selected for individual notes.
  • Better group functionality with quick access to see all notes in the same group and quick keys to change groups, by using the ALT+1/2 and ALT+G short-cut keys (or menu items).
  • Fully DPI Aware to support high resolution displays.


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